10 Things I No Longer Buy

As life goes on there are things that we will just no longer buy.  Our reasons for this vary depending on several factors. The item could be discontinued or the store just no longer carries it. We have found a replacement and it is better. We no longer have a use for it. Below is a list of 10 things that I no longer buy.

1 DVDs

I no longer buy DVDs because I have Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. I know that having subscriptions is spending money. If I was at a financial point in my life where I needed each and every single penny than I would cancel every single subscription whether I wanted to or not. I do keep an eye on my usage though and I will cancel a streaming subscription if I see that I am not using it very often or just not using it. It’s why I don’t have Hulu. my family and I just don’t use it enough and I haven’t’ missed it since I canceled. Nothing against it I just didn’t need it. There really is only so much you can watch at a time.

2 Soda

Also known as sugar water as far as I am concerned. Soda has nothing to offer in nutrition. It is like drinking poison and committing a very slow and near the end quite painful death. Instead of drinking soda, add real fruit that you cut into pieces to water. It gives water flavor so that it is easier to break the soda habit. Your waistline will shrink, your health will improve, and your bank account will grow. Soda is a complete and total waste of your money as it offers no value to your life and actually “can” shorten your life span.

3 Jewelry

Some people love jewelry. I don’t really care for it. I remember a time when I bought quite a lot of it but now it just gets in my way. I wear my wedding band, fit bit, a small bracelet that was a gift, and my necklace. Sometimes I will wear earrings and maybe other jewelry depending on the occasion. Otherwise I just don’t use it so I don’t buy it. I keep my couple of dressy pieces for weddings, business events, etc. but not for everyday use.

4 Disposable razors

I stopped buying plastic disposable razors a few years ago and I haven’t looked back. It is insane how much shaving your legs cost. Now don’t freak out, I’m still shaving, only for less money. I now use a safety razor. I watched a lady do a demonstration on You Tube, ordered it from Amazon, and that was it. I also ordered a set of blades that had a variety in it so that I could try out different blades to see which kind I liked better. These blades last longer than the plastic razors did and they cost so much less.

5 Cable TV

One day my mother gave me a Roku. She said she couldn’t figure it out and that she didn’t like it. I thought, well, I will give it a try and see what I think. I instantly fell in love with it and I have now got only Rokus for the TVs in out house. I have now also recently purchased a Roku for my mother, I installed it in her house and taught her how it works. She just very recently turned off her cable and negotiated a lower internet payment. My husband was ok with the Roku but believed that cable was still necessary to have in the house. He kept saying he wanted to watch the local news and we can’t get a signal over the air where we are located for the local stations. So one day, I unplugged the cable box to see how long it would take for him to realize that it wasn’t plugged in and that no one was actually using it. Over a month went by and I brought it up to him. The next day he played the tv all day and into the night with a continuous news station on. The next day he cancelled the service and negotiated a low price for internet only. No more bundling. I still don’t miss it and I don’t think he does either.

6 Dishwasher Rinse

It really isn’t all that necessary but if you must use a rinse than make one for yourself using vinegar. White vinegar is cheap and even cheaper when you buy it in bulk. All you need to do is pour a little of it in your dishwasher and it will do the same thing as the expensive product you buy at the store.

7 Newest Latest Tech Gadget

There will be a newer one out soon enough so I do not bother with wasting my money. First generation items seem to have lots of problems that need updates and such. I am not interested in trying out innovative new products. I once heard someone say that innovative just means not tested and proven. That was about medical devices and how we get all excited when a new innovative medical technique/product comes to market but fail to consider that it doesn’t have proven track record yet. Everything new needs to be proven for quality and sustainability. Don’t waste your money. Instead, wait patiently until a better version comes out that doesn’t have all the problems.

8 Diet pills

Eating an actual healthy whole food balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy weight. You may need to exercise or eat less. But diet pills are not the answer.  Not only do they have short term success, they bring with them long term adverse health effects. They can be very dangerous and they can be very expensive. Also, just how regulated are diet pills anyways? Well, they are under supplements so they aren’t regulated at all. Please keep in mind that you don’t actually know what you are putting in your mouth and it could just be sand in a capsule. Just don’t buy them and get your weight loss by restricting food and by exercising. Eat real food and not processed crap. You will be healthier and you will actually save money. Yes, you can eat healthy and spend less money. You will also be amazed at how less hungry you are by eating healthy. I know I was.

9 Shredded Cheese

Shredded cheese is wasteful for a few reasons. Mainly its cheaper to buy the block and just shred it yourself. In addition to that, shredded chees is sprayed with a chemical that keep the shreds from sticking. Yeah that can’t be healthy. So, you are now not getting as much cheese as you pay for and in addition to that you have this added health risk. Just keep your money and buy the block cheese. It only takes a minute to shred cheese. Manually shredding cheese is not the worst activity in your life and it literally only takes a minute so stop being ridiculous. Plus, it just doesn’t taste as good already shredded.

10 Potato chips

It is better to buy a sack of potatoes and make your own. This is something I have done and I like it. My homemade chips actually taste better than store bought and I don’t have a food scientist trying to get mine to hit the “sweet spot”. Real food actually tastes better than manufactured food. It is healthier and cheaper to make your own chips. You get to choose the potatoes and the oil that you use to fry them in. it doesn’t take that long to slice them and fry them in a pan. I put them in a sealing plastic bag and ate them for a couple of days. They didn’t last long though because they were so good and they got eaten up quickly. Food that isn’t nutritional is a total waste of money and you deserve to treat your body better than that. Junk food is exactly that. It is junk. It is wasteful and only offers you more poop because your body can’t use it for nutrition so it will just send it back out into your toilet. So, the next time you want to consume crap, stop and think about how it is still crap when it comes back out.

I’m sure there a few other things that I no longer buy but just can’t think of right now. I am constantly trying to save money and trying to make sure I have a comfortable lifestyle while doing it so I’m sure I will have some more in the future to write about.  For now, this list will have to suffice.

I know that some of you will think that you couldn’t incorporate these changes in your life but I know you can do it.  This list is just some of the changes I made and I have had benefits ever since. I feel that you could benefit from this too. Maybe there is something that you could let go of or make a change too that would benefit you that isn’t listed here. Take some time to think about areas in your life that are costing you instead of enhancing you.

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