Don’t lose your wallet

Exercise is something that we know we need to be doing. You are tired, busy, and broke. What you cannot seem to connect is how exercise will save you money in the long run. A monthly debit of $10 or more from your bank account isn’t the answer either. Besides, those gym memberships can be harder to get out of than Fort Knox. So many people, especially in January, run to the gym and quickly sign up for the membership and then you go to the store and buy all the cute little outfits to go to the gym in so that you can be stylish while working out. You go regularly in January and you start tapering off in February. This year try to resist the urge to do that and instead get creative about exercising. Just stop wasting your money. Here are a few ways for you to accomplish your fitness goals while accomplishing your financial goals too!


Get up, get dressed.  Go outside, put one foot in front of the other at a rapid rate.  You are running.  It is not required for you to run in a gym in order for it to count as running.  Now, weather is a real thing that can affect your running routine but it doesn’t have to be the end of exercising.  Besides, with all the money you save at the gym you could use to buy yourself a treadmill and then you can run all day and night for as long as you wish.  You will not have imposed time limits due to the gym being busy because you house is your gym. I do recommend spending a little bit of money on some good running shoes. Hurting your feet will not help your process at all and could inhibit you from reaching your goal.

Strength Training

You can purchase weights for what you spend in a month on some gym memberships.  You can go to Wal-Mart and get a set relatively inexpensively. You can comb the want ads and yard sales for a set that someone on longer uses. In the mean time you can use many different things in your life to give you muscle. Just take a moment and look around your house and see what you could use. Books will work or anything else that has any weight to it.  You can do push-ups and sit-ups. Look for nearby steps to use as a stair climber.

Yoga and Aerobic Dance Classes

You can buy a DVD, you can use the internet, learn it and then you can just practice it without using anything because you have your routine and poses down. I recommend borrowing DVDs from the library with different yoga styles and levels to see what you like best.  It is the cheapest way. However, do not return the borrowed items late or else you will have to pay a fine. (I am awful at returning on time and it is something I am working on.) There is really not a reason to go to a gym and take these classes unless you are there for the social aspect of it, you want to become an instructor or the gym is actually free through your job or some other organization.


If you are really into spin classes then it may be worth the value of joining something that does this but it isn’t nearly as much fun as riding a bike on the scenic path by the river. Sure, you will burn some calories but is it even fun. For me spin class is torture. So as far as exercise goes it happens to be one that I chose to refrain from participating in.

Game Systems

If you already have a Wii or Wii U then you can use it for a workout plan. I am a fan of the dance games because it is a fun way for me to get exercise without leaving the house. I’m not particularly good at it but I don’t care because I enjoy it and it is healthier than sitting around on my rear. Don’t go out an buy a brand-new expensive game system unless you are going to use it for other things like streaming channels and playing games too. Also, the price point on the Wii U has come down quite a bit since it bought it on sale one black Friday many years ago. You could also get one used if you know someone that no longer wants theirs or from classified ads. As always though, buyer beware when it comes to buying from an unknown source. You can’t return an item that breaks a month down the road from a yard sale. Make sure it is priced cheap enough that if it is bricked up you will not lose too much.

For me, I enjoy running on a treadmill and what my game system can offer with dance games. These are the two types of exercise I like best. I also like yoga but I usually just do a few of my favorite poses after running. This is what works for me and it may not apply to you. I wrote this to tell about a few ways to exercise without spending too much if any money at all. The only thing standing between unhealthy you and healthy you is you.

If you are really dedicated to exercising and dedicated to keeping your money then you will get creative.  There are many items you can use from around your home to get in some exercise. You don’t have to have weights to lift something heavy. There are a variety of exercises you can do at home without any equipment at all. Don’t get all caught up in the industry that sells you exercise gimmicks. Make no mistake, it is about money.

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