Tired Of Drowning

When you are drowning in debt so deep you cannot see a way out, I can assure you that there is a way out. There is a light and you will eventually see it. You have to keep moving, keep working, keep going forward. Do not let yourself become a victim of your own mistakes. Fight. Get up and fight. This will take work. It will take work with your physical body as well as your emotions. You cannot give up. All problems have solutions.  You are the one that can fix this.  You must be strong.  Push through.  You can do it.  Put down that credit card, put down that $200 purse. Stop letting corporate America have your life. Stop letting things own you. You own you. You are in control. Stop giving your life away to things. Start living your life.

Make the choice.

Everyday you must choose. You choose to make coffee at home or go to the coffee shop. You choose to make your lunch or to buy it from a restaurant. You choose the route you drive to and from work. You choose to purchase or to not purchase. The choice is yours. There is not anyone standing there holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy. It is all a choice. So, make your choice.

After you have chosen.

Now you have chosen the coffeeshop, the restaurant, the long way that uses more gas but has fewer red lights. You have chosen to purchase. You have chosen to waste. You have chosen to give your resources, your time, your health, and your money to someone that you don’t even know and will never see. You made this choice.

You chose to make coffee at home, bring your lunch, take the shorter route. You have chosen to keep your power. You have chosen to keep your resources, health, time, and money for yourself. You are empowered. You feel better because you are in control.

Life is not permanent.

No one gets out alive. We don’t live forever. Every circumstance is also temporary. You can change anything. Make the best of every day. That’s not just motivational mumbo jumbo. Every day is your last day and you need to accept that you will not live forever. You are human and you will die. Just like everything else that has life, there is death. This doesn’t mean to party like its 1999. This means to appreciate where you are in life. Appreciate that you can make coffee at home. Appreciate that you have opportunity around you all day every day. Appreciate your self and your life.

Life is not easy.

Hard work is the path to success.  It takes many shapes and forms but it is the path. Sitting around on you butt will get you nothing but diabetes and heart disease. Get up and get moving. You have every reason to push forward and no reason to sit down. Your attitude needs to be that every failure is a step closer to success. Keep pushing. Don’t give up. You can change your circumstances. It is not easy.  Just accept that and then get to work.

Rose colored glasses.

There is something good in each and every situation. I know that is difficult to see. How can being flat broke and barely affording to survive have anything good in it? Because you choose how this situation affects you. If you believe you can overcome then you will. You need to totally commit to the belief and that you will do whatever it takes to overcome. Make up your mind. If you believe that your will be flat broke forever then you will be. It’s up to you.

It takes commitment.

Can you commit to improving your life? Do you even care? You will need to commit like a dog on a bone. You will need to hold on to improvement like your life depends on it. Your quality of life does depend on it. Commit to yourself and to your freedom. Commit to owning yourself instead of corporate America owning you. Commit to stop being manipulated into believing that spending your money will somehow make your life perfect now. There isn’t a car, boat, house, outfit, etc. that will make your life perfect. Commit to getting out of that suffocating debt and work toward it every single day.

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