When I look at myself, I see someone who is lacking in discipline and being able to turn bad habits into good habits. It is something I struggle with every day. I know I am capable of getting into good habits but it feels like I’m not doing enough some days. Those are tough days but they are not every day. Others look at me and think I have a perfect life and that I am crazy driven. Well, no one has a perfect life and I can be driven. I wouldn’t have accomplished anything so far if I hadn’t put my whole self into it. I still lack when it comes to habits like food choices and exercising. Sometimes I still spend money when I shouldn’t. I am human and I live a human existence. I am trying though. I am a work in progress. I know that I only need to be better than yesterday and that I just need to keep progressing forward. It’s hard though. I get it. We all have bad habits.

Are we just resigned to repeating are bad choices every day, or can we push through and move forward to produce a more positive experience for ourselves in this life? I believe we can forge new habits but I don’t believe we can do a bad habit overhaul in one day. I have had to learn to be diligent in my habit forming and in improving my life. I now have habits like not spending so much money because I am thinking about what I am spending my money on. I am able to identify at least some of my weaknesses and know that I need to address them. Those weaknesses cost me money. Every day I just keep moving forward in one way or another because when I improve one area of my life, even a little, the other areas of my life improve too.


Everything takes longer than you think it should. We live in a quick fast right now society and it feels like everything is taking too long. Everything good takes time and effort or else it would be cheap and useless. It’s the payoff after the time it takes to get where you need to be. The results will show based on consistency and effort. that doesn’t mean to just sit around and wait for the money fairly to drop in and fix your bank account. It means that you will have to continue forward even though you feel like you are spinning your wheels.


If you want to change your life in a positive direction then begin reading. If you already read maybe you are not reading the right books. Reading everyday will increase your intelligence and assist you in reinforcing positive habits in your life. I’m not saying to never read for pleasure, I’m saying make sure you read to learn. There is not a need for you to go back to school when you can learn almost anything from the internet. I’m not saying that you can watch a video on surgery and then go and you are a surgeon. I am saying there are many skills that you can acquire on your own. Teach yourself how to learn from others. Pay attention to the people that are doing better than you and see what little nugget of gold you can get from them. Knowing how to learn is the most valuable skill you can acquire. The more you know, the more money you will have. Never stop learning and growing.


You will need to be wholly committed to change in order to achieve it. I went back to college after years of being out of it. I didn’t have to because I already had a Bachelor’s degree. But I felt I was being called into a different direction in my life so I decided to pursue it. It took years before I could afford to go and even then, I accepted student loans for it. I wish every day I would have made a different choice on how I paid for my second Bachelor’s degree. However, student loan is the path I took and it has led me to a new financial life where I am struggling to pay that bill every month. It is why I can help you in your financial situation. Without my struggle I wouldn’t have anything to offer you. I know this now. My purpose is to serve and I know that there are many ways I can help improve someone else’s life. Once I learned where I needed to place my commitment, my ability to commit has improved my financial life as well as other areas of my life.

Comfort or lack thereof

Sitting on the couch in my pajamas watching Netflix is truly comfortable. Getting on the treadmill, not so much. This is why commitment is so important. If you have a goal that you are 100 percent committed to then you will most likely achieve that goal. Staying in a job because of it being the devil you know is so much more comfortable than sending out your resume and interviewing. It can be so uncomfortable starting a new job that you convince yourself that you are fine where you are. No matter that you have been there for ten years without a raise or increase in any benefits. Your misery is comfortable so why would you stretch and make a change. Change is uncomfortable. So, you don’t change anything because it is just easier. Have you ever thought about how much this comfort is costing you? Not just financially but in time as well. Teach yourself to be comfortable in discomfort.

Money management is about the habits you have with your life and your money. If you are in the habit of not shopping around or thinking about things before you buy then it will cost you. If you are in the habit of buying name brand all the time because you just can’t fathom store brand or off label the it is costing you. Sitting around all day every day on a Netflix marathon is costing you money and time. It is important that you notice when you are practicing a bad habit so that you will be in a position to correct it. Use tricks on yourself to move a bad habit into a good one. Get in the habit of not caring which parking space you get because walking is good for you and stressing over the closest parking space is a waste of your life. Replace something negative in your life with something positive like eating grapes or nuts instead of potato chips. Forming a good habit gets easier each time you do it because it becomes part of who you are now. What habit are you going to change and who will you become?

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