The Worst Tips For Saving Money (Courtesy of the Internet)

There are many, many, many blogs and vlogs on the internet talking about how to save money, etc. I know that I am swimming in a sea of many. When I first began looking for ways to improve my financial life I, like you, jumped on the internet seeking pearls of wisdom. I didn’t even think about all the nonsense that I would encounter. So, without further ado, here is my list of the 5 worst pieces of advice that I have come across so far.

Best Purchases I’ve Ever Made

We all have something that we have purchased that we absolutely love more than anything. So much that we would say that “it is the best purchase I’ve ever made!” I have a few things that I consider to be the best purchases I have ever made. I feel this way because these items added value to my life and I think that each one of these is worth every penny I spent.

Ten Things I Consistently Purchase at the Dollar Store

I love shopping at the dollar store. The way I like to save money, of course I do. Here is a list of a few of the most common items I buy from the dollar store. I also buy in large quantity when I go in there to minimize the trips to the store.

5 ways to save on groceries:

Let’s face it, food is a necessary expense. If we don’t eat, eventually we will die. Food though, doesn’t have to be expensive in order for you to survive. I’m not recommending that you buy the cheapest food there is to buy, I’m wanting you to stop overspending for it. Keep in mind that the purpose of food is to fuel your body and to keep you from dying. You need to eat nutrient rich food that will fulfill that purpose.

5 Good Reasons to Use A Budget

For so many people, the word BUDGET is the worst word in the English language. It is a taboo word, a bad word. “I don’t need to budget” is one of the biggest lies you tell yourself and others. It is one that will directly affect your quality of life and your activities of daily living. This is something that needs to change for you. I know, change is difficult, but it is far from impossible. You start with a choice. First you choose and commit to your choice then the rest will follow.